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How Bazaar works

We're simplifying the entire wholesale distribution channel into 3 easy steps.


Purchase. Fast and streamlined.

Search and discover wholesalers. Compare products, prices, availabilities, reviews and ratings. 1-click purchasing.


Delivery. Quick and efficient.

Save yourself precious time. We'll handle delivery to get your merchandise to you safely on-demand with real-time updates.

Get to know the product

We've built a platform to be a one stop shop allowing you to see multiple wholesalers, compare prices, product, and inventory to help you make the best purchase decision.

Retailer Dashboard

Get reports on how much you spend each month, as well as how much money you're saving by using Bazaar.

Browse listings and make purchases

Buy items from many different wholesalers and pay for it all in a single transaction.

Get your items delivered or arrange a pickup in store.

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